Join Us as Our CEO

A Growing Opportunity for Beaver County

Over the past several years, the Beaver County Partnership has led a comprehensive feasibility study and strategic planning process to identify opportunities for enhancing the quality of life in our communities. From this ground-breaking initiative, a new organization and approach has emerged: Flourish Beaver County.

Assuming responsibility for the mission and vision of the Beaver County Partnership, Flourish Beaver County will take a fresh approach to ensuring opportunity and promoting development through school and community collaboration. Planting in the rich soil of data-driven research and collaborative insights gathered by the feasibility study, Flourish Beaver County will cultivate and grow the most promising and innovative ideas to tackle the challenges facing our communities, particularly in the field of K-12 education and post-secondary success. More information about our progress and project history is available HERE.

Flourish Beaver County is now seeking a Chief Executive Officer to provide the visionary leadership and seasoned management experience an organization this bold and exciting both needs and deserves. A complete job description, along with information on how to apply, is available HERE.