Quality Education & Workforce Development

The Quality Education Council is part of the Beaver County Partnership for Community and Economic Development and is comprised of educational leaders from schools across the county. The council is divided into three committees, namely the K-12 Education, Bridges and Pathways College Partnership and the post-Secondary Workforce Development committees.

Workforce Development

The Quality Education Council Workforce Development Sub Committee is Co-Chaired by Dianne Funkhouser, PA CareerLink Beaver and John Goberish, Community College of Beaver County. The purpose of the committee is to make a connection between workforce development activities and all the quality education providers in Beaver County. We work to Identify underrepresented and underserved individuals and develop ways to connect them to post-secondary opportunities and career pathways. We also look to target non-traditional students, including incumbent worker training and re-training. One of our valuable contributions to residents of the region is providing updates on current and future workforce development activities such as Next Generation Industry Partnerships, Registered Apprenticeship Programs, Training Opportunities, Community Events, etc. This shared information assists in developing and establishing continuing education offerings and partnerships across post-secondary institutions and business/industry.

K-12 Education Committee and Quality Education Council

Building Our Future – Together

In 2018, the Quality Education Council initiated a forward-think initiative entitled the Future of Education in Beaver county Public Schools Feasibility Study. The goals of the study were:
  • To provide a high-level overview of the county’s current public education system.
  • To explore ways to enhance and maximize equitable educational opportunities for all students in ways that are both fiscally responsible and sustainable.
  • To begin a respectful, collaborative, honest, inclusive and open conversation about the future of public education in Beaver County.
  • To think about and plan for where Beaver County’s education system could be in the year 2030.
The results of the study were shared with key stakeholders and then the public in March, 2020.  The results can be found here.  It is the council’s hope that the results will begin an honest, thoughtful and respectful dialogue about what education could look like in the years to come.

View The Future of Education in Beaver County – Fiscal Impacts View The Future of Education in Beaver County – Population Impacts Download Additional Information Download The March 2 Presentation


The Quality Education Council is seeking proposals from interested parties as we move to Phase III of the Future of Education in Beaver County Public Schools Feasibility Study. The purpose of this phase is to examine how other communities with similar financial and demographic trends have leveraged their education systems to meet new challenges and enhance equitable access to educational opportunities for all students. The RFP document is available for download here: QEC-RFP

Bridges & Pathways

The Bridges & Pathways College Partnership is a unique collaboration between the four institutions of higher education in the Beaver County area.

Comprised of the Community College of Beaver County, Geneva College, Penn State Beaver and Robert Morris University, the Bridges & Pathways members work together for one shared mission: to improve the lives of Beaver Valley residents through access to education, cultural events and economic opportunities.

As new industry and prospects for growth take root in the valley, the partnership is poised to collectively serve the educational, workforce development and quality of life needs of residents and businesses in the area.

A conscious sharing of resources and collaboration of ideas will not only benefit students – particularly those from traditionally underserved or underrepresented backgrounds – but will strengthen local industry and communities. The goal is to begin engagement early, with K-12 students, to develop and articulate the educational pathways that will carry them into successful careers and to establish them as the community leaders of the future.

Some of the collaborations already in progress are an annual college career fair and a common book read cultural series that offers learning and entertainment opportunities to the community.

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